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About Aviance Ghana

Aviance Ghana
Aviance Ghana Limited (Aviance Ghana) is the leading full-service airline Ground Handling & Cargo company on the African Continent, based at Accra’s international airport, Kotoka (KIA). Celebrated 25 years in October 2019, Aviance Ghana provides services to its customer airlines. Aviance Ghana holds a full ground handling license and is certified and regulated by IATA ISAGO.
Ghana's Place in the African Union
Ghana is set to be HQ for the newly formed African Union, the world’s largest free trade block, from 2020, and as such Kotoka will be a new hub of both trade and diplomatic transport and travel. The government and aviation minister are committed to building on Accra’s status as an international hub.  
Change Led by Managing Director Mark Kamis
Mark Kamis, Managing Director of Aviance Ghana, since his arrival 4 years ago, has led a company transformation seeing the business achieve internationally recognised standards.  

Delivering on present high standards whilst preparing for KIA’s future as an international hub. He has brought with him a wealth of experience from his 30 years at major airports including JFK, Amsterdam Schipol and London Heathrow.  
The staff co-designed stylish new uniforms for its 850 strong team, and stunning Adinkra first and business class lounges are the most visible parts of the change Aviance Ghana has undergone since Mr Kamis arrived. Underpinning the change is a major restructure to streamline landside and airside operations all driven by a new collaboratively developed vision, mission and value statements linked directly to department strategies and data-driven business intelligence indicators.​

Our ‘Service Excellence’ policy always acknowledges that the customer has a choice and as such every day we strive to provide outstanding services to our customer airlines.  The Adinkra first and business class lounge provides a sophisticated space in which to relax or catch up on business. The new lounge in T3 opened in 2018 and features a striking modern design delivered by our exceptional service. Featuring hot food, an open bar, WIFI, newspapers and magazines. In addition, Aviance Ghana provides a meet and greet service for VIP clients.  In addition to industry-standard operations such as full ramp services, load planning and turnaround coordination, Aviance Ghana has a world-class cargo handling facility.  

And please do phone us on (+ 233 (0) 302768838) to learn more about how we can assist your airline or email us

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Aviance Ghana's Vision, Mission and Values

The recently adopted vision, mission and values statement are as follows:

Vision: To be the leading and reliable provider of Aircraft Ground Handling services on the African Continent.

Mission: Delivering ground handling services in a competitive manner to meet the aspirations of customers, shareholders and other stakeholders in a safe and secure environment


  • Integrity - to be ethical, honest, reliable and truthful.

  • Quality – an eye for excellence and value.

  • Safety – vigilance for security and welfare of people and environment.

  • Teamwork - working together with a common purpose and leadership.

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