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Aircraft Weight and Balance Calculations Aviance Ghana – D Plan Automated Load Control System DPlan stands for ‘Distributed Processing Load Planning’. It is an aircraft load planning and weight and balance system, which is run as a stand-alone environment.

DPlan has the capability to handle the weight and balance requirements for aircraft in standard all passenger, mixed-cargo and freighter configurations currently ranging in size from the BAe Jetstream 31 up to and including the Boeing 747 and Airbus A340 aircraft.

D Plan was originally conceived in the mid 1980’s. Development of the base design began in 1989 for Dan Air. Gatwick Handling Ltd, who had performed the weight and balance function for Dan Air, retained the product and continued supporting its development to the present day, firstly as GHI and currently as Aviance UK. Today aviance UK is using it to perform the weight and balance function for more than 30 customer airlines whilst the D Plan system itself has upwards of 100 airlines within the database.


  • D Plan reports conform to IATA Airport Handling Manual recommended formats and standards

  • D Plan facilitates quick turn-around times through the ability to automatically generate load-sheets, loading instructions, down-line messages and other reports simultaneously

  • D Plan reduces implementation and training lead times through easy-to-use menu driven design. This design provides intuitive access to the load planning process, automatically calculating weights and displaying the optimum centre of gravity position.

  • D Plan is able to improve aircraft performance and reduce fuel consumption through real-time depiction of current and optimal loading positions

  • D Plan reduces the potential for the mis-loading of aircraft through its ability to automatically calculate and verify safety limits.

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