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Aviance Welcomes Kenya Airways

The ground-handling partnership between Aviance Ghana Limited and Kenyan Airways

which commenced on 1st March 2023 was celebrated by a section of the Aviance and

Kenya Airways team on 3rd May 2023.

Among the members celebrating this prestigious partnership were Mark Kamis, MD of

Aviance, Adrian Tweeddale, GM of Aviance, Cynthia Dzansi, Kenya Airways Accra

Station Manager among others and other managers of Aviance Ghana.

Mark Kamis, the MD of Aviance Ghana, expressed his delight with how the operations

have been so far and promised a better service to the airline as the partnership grows.

Aviance Ghana Limited is the only Ghanaian-owned aviation ground-handling company

in the country with about 80% market share due to its hardworking team and strong

leadership by management.


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