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Remembrance Day at Aviance

(Pictured - Veterans Arriving at the Remembrance Day Luncheon).

Below is a special post created by Chris Kaigan, Manager of Cargo, Maintenance, Properties, Stores and Security at Aviance Ghana. Mr Kaigan reflects on the recent Remembrance day Luncheon that Aviance Ghana attended. The oldest veteran attending was 96 years old and would have served in the West African Frontier Force in Burma during WW2.

"Prior to joining Aviance, I was responsible for organising and running this event on behalf of the Defence Section of the British High Commission in Ghana.  Since leaving the military and staying in Ghana have been very privileged to be invited and have been able to continue attending, this was my 11th year.  

The most humbling and poignant thoughts and feelings of the day, are that every year there are few faces amongst the veterans that I have come to know and respect.  I am also mindful that there are those I have and will never meet, due to their ultimate sacrifice, knowing that through their actions the world became a better place for us all to live in.


I know that this event has become the highlight of the year for many of the veterans who attend, with plenty of good food and refreshments provided.  It is a respectfully occasion, but also a time for catching up with old friends, toasting absent ones and the odd retelling of old stories."


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