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Adinkra Lounge

First & Business Class Passenger Lounge

Aviance Ghana recognizes that airlines compete aggressively to secure premier high yield passenger traffic. We believe that this sector of passengers has been under-serviced at Kotoka International Airport.  The Aviance Ghana Adinkra Lounge will address the in-balance and for the first time provide First, Business and Executive passengers with truly international experience. The Adinkra Lounge provides a sophisticated space in which to relax, watch television or catch up on business. The lounge will provide WIFI Internet connection, newspapers and magazines and a fully serviced bar in the tranquillity of the exclusive lounge.

The Adinkra Lounge is totally self-sufficient and has its own environmental control, toilet and washroom facility. Our friendly staff dedicated to ‘Service Excellence’ will be happy to serve your customers drinks or if they prefer they may help themselves from the bar and choose from a selection of fine wines, liquors and beverages.


You can enjoy all the benefits and facilities in the lounge including:

  • Newspapers

  • Magazines

  • WIFI

  • Dedicated work areas with power sockets.


Drinks and Hot Meals

You may start your experience with us by taking bites of our delectable sandwiches, salads and cakes. Select from a wide array of refreshments made up of liquors, beers, organic fruit juices, fruit chunks etc. English breakfast and dinner are served.


Our amiable staff are always available and are willing to offer you that royal service you deserve to make your visit memorable.


You may contact us on:

Phone: + 233 (0) 249 21 2287


Have you recently visited the Adinkra Lounge?  Take our Customer Satisfaction Survey.

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Pearl Darkwah


Lounge Manager

+ 233 (0) 557 75 8345

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