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Quality, Safety & Health

Safety First

Aviance Ghana Ltd. aims to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards for all its stakeholders and a healthy and safe working environment for its employees.  We continuously identify, manage, reduce or eliminate detectable or foreseeable hazards through a systematic and data-driven approach.  Our objective is to minimize the company’s exposure to risk while upholding its safety and health responsibilities.


QHS provides an all-inclusive approach that addresses Aviance Ghana's commitment to providing safe, healthy and excellent service delivery to all clients. Our target is accomplished by ensuring that all employees have access to and are aware of the company's quality, safety and health commitment through training and development on the Safety and Health Policy, Culture, Programmes, SOPs and Plans.  We engage in safety activities, receiving and acting on safety reports, allocating necessary resource for safety compliance.

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Papa Bonsu


Manager of QHS

+ 233 (0) 555 35 8159

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