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Security Monitoring

Safe and secure

The Security Monitoring Department was formed to protect Aviance’s interest in terms of security. One key function of the Security Monitoring Department is to ensure the effective implementation of Security Standards and Recommended Practices at Aviance Cargo Facility. The objective is to prevent the introduction of weapons, explosives, and other dangerous substances which may be intended for committing an act of unlawful interference from being introduced into consignments of cargo or mail.

The department performs multifarious functions which include Key Management, Biometric Access Control Management, 24/7 CCTV Surveillance, Printing and Issuing of ID Cards to staff and agents, protection of Company property from theft, conducting investigations; and also, overseeing the activities of private security personnel engaged to provide security at the facility.

The department also has the oversight responsibility to ensuring that appropriate security controls are applied to any given consignment to the required level and that consignments are protected from unauthorized interference until they are sent to be loaded onto aircrafts.

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Kwesi Yawson


Security Manager

+ 233 (0) 244 31 8056

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