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Vehicle and Maintenance

Only the Best

We provide a dedicated 24 hour, 7 days a week dedicated support for all the operations of Aviance.

Not just keeping the tractors, hiloaders, buses, dollies and steps maintained to ISAGO standard, but also keeping the air conditioning, toilets, offices and buildings in good condition to facilitate a clean and healthy environment for the work force of the company.

The company has a total of more than 350 items of equipment ranging from hand pallet trucks, through container and pallet dollies, tractors, hiloaders up to the large aircraft push back tractor weighing 54 tons.

This department looks after the supplies of water, electricity, stationary, boarding passes, baggage tags, diesel fuel for the equipment, fire extinguishers, radio communications, personal protection equipment (PPE), uniforms etc.

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Richmond Okyere Gyasi


Maintenance Manager

+233 (0) 593 87 3929

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